Call for Papers

Pakistan Journal of Urban Affairs encourages papers based on sound research contributed by experts from diversified fields including technical professionals (urban planners/architects/engineers and environmental scientists), policy makers, social scientists, private sector specialists, development practitioners, urban economists, and academia from Pakistan and abroad. The journal concerts researchers and experts from different sectors to ensure that public and private sectors in Pakistan move toward sustainable urban development goals, in conjunction with economic and social development, 'without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’.(World Commission on Environment and Development, Our Common Future, 1987).

The journal aims to emphasize the multitude of urban development challenges, and to generate scientific discourse leading to sustainable strategic and policy options leading toward improved decision-making and a better urban future. Its focus is national because current urban development issues faced by Pakistan call for an integrated and sustainable strategy development.

Research papers are expected to be policy based, solution oriented, a sound critique/analysis of existing projects and a platform to propose new strategies for tackling issues related to urbanization. Coverage of topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Urban Governance: urban planning, public service delivery (urban transport, urban water and sanitation, etc.) urban solid waste management, privatization of urban service delivery, urban security.
  • Urban Growth and Development: political economy of urbanization, urban sprawl and sub-urbanization.
  • Urban Economy: urban employment generation and issues, rural-urban migration, food security, poverty and urbanization.
  • Urban Environment: urban environment and impact assessment, urban pollution, urbanization and climate change, urban environment policy, sustainable urban ecology.
  • Urban Living: urban housing, urban spatial management, preservation, conservation, restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction of cultural heritage.
  • Research and Development: critical role of academic research and scholarship for research and development in urban issues, urbanization and education, social sustainability and urbanization.